Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1.       Which properties qualify for e-file?

E-file is made available to most residential properties that have not designated an agent/fiduciary for representation. If you qualify, your notice of appraised value will include information pertaining to e-file.


2.       When is the deadline for filing a protest online?

The deadline for filing a protest is midnight May 15th. The filing deadline is postponed until the next business day if the deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday or legal state or national holiday.


3.       What reasons for protest are available through e-file?

You may protest for the following reasons:

  • Incorrect appraised value

  • Value is unequal compared with other properties

    If you need to protest other reasons not listed above, you will need to file your protest directly with the          Bexar Appraisal District. Contact Customer Service at (210) 242-2432.


4.       What is needed to e-file?

  •  A valid email address for correspondence with the Bexar Appraisal District (email will be kept confidential)

  • Owner ID (created by the appraisal district)

  • PIN number (created by the appraisal district)


5.       How do I get an Owner ID and PIN number?

If you are eligible, the Owner ID and PIN number can be found on the upper right hand corner of your appraisal notice. If you did not receive an appraisal notice and meet the requirements for e-file, you may request your Owner ID and PIN number information at Please note that your PIN will be mailed to you at the address on file, so please allow time for the mail delivery. The protest deadline does not change by requesting this information.


6.       How will I be notified of my hearing dates if I chose to file my protest only and continue the process by coming into the office for an informal hearing?

When registering, if you chose the second filing option (“File protest only and continue the process by coming into office or coordinating directly with the office”), you will be notified by mail of your informal and formal hearing dates along with protest hearing procedures from the Appraisal Review Board.


7.       Will I be able to communicate with an appraiser during the e-file process? 

No. There is no verbal communication between an appellant and an appraiser at any time during the e-file process. If you feel the need to speak with an appraiser for the informal appeal process, please select the second option (“File my protest only and continue the process by coming into the office or coordinating directly with the office”) when registering online.


8.       What evidence will I receive from the Appraisal District?

The evidence provided can include sales (market) and equity information.


9.       How will I be able to view any information sent by the Appraisal District?

Viewing evidence, settlement offer, and/or hearing date always requires logging in to your account via the online portal.  You should receive an e-mail confirmation from the appraisal district with a link to log in after every successful step in the process.


10.   Will I be able to submit evidence electronically as part of my protest?

Yes. Once the protest is e-filed AND you receive an e-mail confirming the protest submittal, you may upload your evidence via the online portal. The e-mail will contain basic evidence upload information. Please note that only evidence submitted via the online portal will be considered by the appraiser when making an online offer.


11.   What type of evidence should I submit?

It is highly recommended that you submit any documents and/or photos you feel will help resolve your case. The following are examples, but not limited to:

  • Photos of subject property showing internal/external damage

  • Current 3rd party estimates of internal/external damage to subject property

  • Blueprint from builder

  • Current fee appraisal

  • Current closing statement-up to and including signature page

  • Engineers report 


12.   Am I limited in the amount of pictures and/or documents I can submit as evidence?

Yes. Only PDF and JPEG formats will be permitted. No file should exceed 10MB and the sum of all your

evidence files should not exceed 20MB

       **Please note that you will have up to 7 calendar days (from the confirmation of protest submittal) to submit any and all evidence you want considered by the appraisal district.  Any evidence submitted after the 7 calendar days will not be considered nor will it be considered after an informal value recommendation has been made. **


13.   How long will it take to receive an offer?

Accounts are worked in the order they are received. An appraiser will respond as soon as possible once all the evidence is reviewed. Heavy protest volume may delay response time.


14.   What is the settlement offer? 

The settlement offer is an informal offer made by the appraiser after reviewing all evidence prepared by the appraisal district and any evidence submitted by the appellant. This offer may or may not reflect a change to the notice value and can be accepted or rejected by the appellant.


15.   What happens if I accept the settlement offer?

Once the settlement offer is accepted, an email will be sent stating the final value and the appeal process is complete for the year protested. No further action required by either party.


16.   What happens if I reject the settlement offer?

Once the settlement offer is rejected, you will be scheduled to attend a formal hearing ONLY with the Appraisal Review Board. An email informing you of the formal hearing date will be sent as well as a notification delivered by mail.  The notification will also contain protest hearing procedures for your hearing with the Appraisal Review Board. Please refer to them before attending your hearing.


17.   If I reject the settlement offer and plan on attending my formal hearing, will I need to bring my evidence to the hearing? 

Yes. You will need to bring in any evidence you wish the ARB to consider in deciding your case. Please refer to the ARB protest hearing procedures attached to your mailed Notice to Appear Formal Hearing notice for further details.


18.   What are my options if I no longer wish to continue with the protest?

A protest may be withdrawn at any time during the appeal process as long as there is no prior agreement with the Appraisal District on the account for the current year. To withdraw your protest, please choose one of the following options:

  • Please contact customer service at 210-242-2432

  • Fax your request to 210-242-2453

  • Send your written request to P.O. Box 830248 San Antonio, TX 78283



19.   Is more information available regarding e-file?

Yes. E-file help videos are available on under the Online Services Portal tab.  


20.   What number can I call if I am having technical difficulties with e-file?

If you have general questions not addressed on this FAQ’s page and are not of a technical nature, then please contact our customer service department at 210-242-2432.

If you have technical questions regarding the website; you may contact the Information Technology support team at 210-242-2500


 Note: the Information Technology support team is ONLY available to answer questions regarding technical issues for electronic protests.

Business hours are Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.