Online Appeals


***In order to meet the state comptroller's mandated deadline for 2016 certified property values, Bexar Appraisal District's online appeal portal service will be suspended effective at 5 pm on Friday July 22, 2016.  The online appeal portal services will resume in April 2017.***





*****If you registered prior to having received your current year Notice of Appraised Value, you will need to re-register. We are sorry for the inconvenience.*****


Not all properties will qualify for the online protest process. Who qualifies?  This service is not available to a property owner who has designated an agent to represent the owner in protest. If your property is eligible for an on-line protest, you will receive notification and a pin number as part of your appraisal notice. Value Over Market and/or Unequal Compared to Others are the only protest reasons available when filing an electronic protest.


If you have any other questions please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Before beginning the registration process, please read below:

During registration, you’ll be asked to select between the two following options:









To assist in choosing the option that is best for you, here are a few things you should know:


Option 1: This allows you to file your protest electronically AND continue through the Online Appeals Process. You will NOT have a face-to-face informal meeting with an appraiser. ALL communication related to settling the hearing informally will be conducted electronically. Evidence must be submitted by e-mail as attachments in either a PDF or JPEG format and cannot exceed a total of 20 MB. If an agreement is not reached, you will receive an electronic notice containing the date and time for your formal hearing before the Appraisal Review Board (ARB).


Option 2: This allows you to file your protest electronically only. You will receive a notice in the mail with the date and time of your informal meeting with an appraiser and your formal hearing before the Appraisal Review Board (ARB).



DISCLAIMER – Using this online service does not change any deadlines for filing a timely protest with the Appraisal Review Board (ARB).